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In general, we found Wikipedia was used, but less so than other resources that students frequently turned to for background information.

Wikipedia is a digital encyclopediaand so the amount of content and details should not be limited by concerns about space availability.

Respondents enrolled in two—year institutions were less likely than students in four—year institutions to use Wikipedia, with an estimated odds ratio of. Because of these problems, you should never use a Wikipedia article as a major source for a research paper.

In any case, you should not cite Wikipedia itself, but the source provided; you should certainly look up the source yourself before citing it.

For a discussion of Wikipedia and its authority, completeness, and reliability, see the following: It is even possible that a person might introduce completely made-up, false information as a hoax.

Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not a reliable source

Other times, standalone pages are well justified as with President of the United States as well as standalone biographies of every individual President. In other words, 20 percent of all the variance in the use of Wikipedia can be accounted for by these variables, using this model.

While reading Wikipedia articles for research, remember to consider the information carefully, and never treat what is on Wikipedia as a fact-checker. Dr Easton believes the "consensus-based" approach employed by Wikipedia might actually make the website's most is wikipedia a reliable source essay help articles less subjective than the introductions found elsewhere.

The capital city of Canada. These will be the sources you cite in your paper. When you have this many articles, typos and other errors will sneak in. Even a university or government-run website could have information that is not reliable, if there are no gatekeepers who scrutinize the information before it is posted online.

Wikipedia is ideal in these situations because it will allow you to find the information, as well as sources which you can research to confirm that information. Yes, Wikipedia may have a summary of an article or book on your reading list.

Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Google Scholar displays how many times an academic piece of literature was cited, which is a rough numerical indicator of how influential the research was. While following the footnotes in Wikipedia pages is a way to access stronger content, they say a critical mind should be applied to each source individually.

In addition to the five statistically significant variables in our model, another six independent variables were not significantly associated.

Wikipedia:Academic use

Editorial judgment goes into each decision about whether or not to create a separate page, but the decision should always be based upon specific considerations about how to make the topic understandable, and not merely upon personal likes or dislikes.

Help with Writing Assignments: Conclusion This study investigated how and why college students use Wikipedia within the context of using other resources for course—related research.

How to Use Wikipedia For Research Papers

Lancaster lecturer Dr Catherine Easton says students must develop an ability to analyse the nature of the source material within Wikipedia, adding that the educator should ensure there is "a strong, continuing focus on the need to support academic work with references to acceptable scholarly sources".

However, because Wikipedia is a volunteer run project, it cannot monitor every contribution all of the time. The essay is filled with classical allusions delivered in a style typical of the learned humanists of the Renaissance.

Dr Austen-Baker says that some articles on Wikipedia can be "exotically inaccurate", and that undergraduates must familiarise themselves with the equivalent, and often ignored, written encyclopaedias.

A decision to cover a notable topic only as part of a broader page does not in any way disparage the importance of the topic. Wikipedia plays an important role when students are formulating and defining a topic. We intentionally excluded any freshmen from our four—year institution sample and students who had taken fewer than 12 units from our community college sample.

The trick is to weed out the unreliable information. This is also why multiple publications by the same person or organization are considered to be a single source for the purpose of complying with the "multiple" requirement. Soo Young Rieh and Brian Hilligoss, Respondents majoring in architecture or engineering were almost three times more likely to be Wikipedia users, compared to social sciences majors controlling for factors in our model.

Likewise, the problem with Wikipedia is that anybody can add to it — so it may contain inaccurate information. Wikipedia, like other encyclopedias, can be a good starting point for your research.

Websites and books with a point of view may be biased. See the advice below. In our discussion we define information utility broadly to cover the needs, standards and expectations students have for information within the context of course—related research.

- Wikipedia is an information source forcountless students (Coughlan, ); used for research on almost every subject yet in some schools it is being censored.

While some people call it “frequently unreliable”, others call it the epitome of the information age (Andrews ). Start With Good Academic Sources.

Why is Wikipedia an unreliable source?Why is Wikipedia an unreliable source?

If your college instructor has asked you to write a research paper, Google is not your friend. A reference librarian is specially trained to help patrons find the best sources. An Internet search engine, on the other hand, will show you plenty of sources that will waste your time.

An Internet Search Engine Will Show You. Once you find the perfect sources, you’ll still need to actually write the paper, so review Writing a Library-Based Research Paper and Research Paper Steps for help with putting together your essay. Lancaster lecturer Dr Catherine Easton says students must develop an ability to analyse the nature of the source material within Wikipedia, adding that the educator should ensure there is "a.

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Is wikipedia a reliable source essay help
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